Monday, June 29, 2009

God made man but he used the monkey to do it

Hay there all you funkay fresh people. 
whos the cool one now????
Quick post,
Isn't this pic the utter shizzlebomb? For the rest of the amazin photo shoot I found on phooto decadent go
 -----> HERE <------
Also, I found these awesome headphones in my parents drawer just in time!
 I was thinking of getting These from UO (The colorful ones). 
But my problem is the ones I found are just blah grey. So.... maybe I can color them with sharpie??? er. But other than that- If you just put them on without any music it sounds the ocean my child.


Zany Style said...

i belive (what u put as a title) is true. also the shadow thing on that picture is so cool. Its like she would never know they are there. And those head phones are cute. I don't buy those,(not cuz i don't like them) because they slip of my tiny head. So i go with ear buds! U should color them with sharpie.


Anonymous said...

HEY!!!! and just so ya know why stalk zany style!!!!!!??????!!!! the picture was cute but DONT STALK ZANY STYLE