Friday, July 17, 2009

Ground Control

Sorry I have been so negligent but my computer is like 0. We are still trying to get it open and last night I had a dream that we finally got it open and there was nothing inside. cute. Well pictured above is part of the AMAZING line of a brand I personally have never heard of (sorry if this is some insanely famous brand that everyone knows about)- Wunderkind. Not only did they use tophats but they had so many great patterns and everything sort of transended together beautifully. The designer- Wolgang Joop, Is reletively young in the industry and I can utterly see him doing well! P.s.- so excited for my internship interview on monday!!!!!!

1 comment:

Liily said...

The check / stripe combination is simply ____AMAZING. Good luck on the interview.


p.s Never heard of wunderkind before either.