Sunday, August 9, 2009

I left my wallet in El segundo

Guess what children- the terminator is in italy!! I seemed to have failed to mention I go every summer and may speak fluently but- uh, better now than never? I don't know how frequent posts will be; being that I will probably be on the beach and pretending to be a tourist. But we do get a break from all of those roof pictures (finally)... 
But here's the last one: A while back I had posted my "dream high school wardrobe". Consisting of Docs, hoop skirts, crinolines, etc... One of them was anything from Yokoo- whom you have probably heard of from either style bubble or Style rookie. I finally saved up enough money and voila! Thats all for now folks...
I will probably be around to posting asap but my jet lagged self is not to happy at the moment.
Shirt: Thrift, Skirt: topshop, Necklace: Yokoo
Her version of the necklace. I still don't understand how she can manage being so darn cool in front of a camera.


Zany Style said...

I love the skirt how it pops out... i can just see u walking in it.... back and forth.... lol that thing is so awwwsome. and the neaklace thing from yokoo is also cool. i want one but.... im broke...


Liily said...

I love Yokoo scarfs all my attempts in knitting stopped at tea cozy. Yer the dress is strapless but it is super tight ><


I Rock It said...

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Usedandabusedvintage said...

Hallo! Love your scarf - I'm getting my mum to knit me one similar! Check out our blog if you have time?

Thanks love

Mia and Corinne xx

Norah Salvadore said...

woahh, that thing looks like it weighs a ton! i'd love to get me one :)

you have such great style, i totally adore you and your blog! xx