Friday, September 18, 2009


HEYHEYHEY. its about time. I know. Getting so caught up in freakin highschool (today was freshmen friday- I survived! Others.....not so much)! But like I promised here are pics of Erin Fetherston. I was supposed to go to two other shows (Tory burtch- And I think Proenza Schouler?) I know. WHY NOT? My parents went all like "there are going to be so many fashion weeks and this is your first week of highschool. Do you want to be that girl that is known to just 'blow off school?'"
For fashion week? YES. 
So people that were ten times cooler than me that were there (in their flesh and holy presence) : Lynn Yeager, Susie Bubble, Scott Schuman, Bryan Boy, and Irina Lazareanu (she said she loved my outfit!!). To be in the presence of some of the peolple- let alone TALK to them was utter jesus. Life= ALMOST complete (still need to befriend some people and then we're all good).
Sorry for lack of good pictures... Super bright lighting+ schizophrenic 14 year old with camera+using one eye to admire susie bubble in front of me while the other was still focusing on the clothes+ 3rd row+trying to keep my hoopskirt from riding up= these pictures.
I will post what I wore to the show but for now go do something better with your time such as look at PROFESSIONAL pictures of the show that make more sense than these do...
P.s. Made this bow for school- freaked every one out. have no friends. NICE.


mariel said...

i DEFINITELY would've skipped school...silly moms :) How do you get invited to all these shows? I'm so jealous!

Magic said...

Thats so awesome (super jelous :<)
The bow is pretty schiiikk


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Kelsey Kaysen said...

nothing to say but gorgeous check out my blog if you have the chance

Corinne said...

Awesome! Love the BIG BOW look x

C said...

wow, how did you manage to get invitations?

Evelyn Rose said...

wow. that's cool. london fashion week was amazing.