Thursday, September 10, 2009


Three words: Fashion Night Out. Besides having to be back by 8:00 for various reasons, it was so utterly and excruciatingly amazing. My first stop was opening ceremony and then I just walked around and saw cool people wearing better clothes than me and whatnot. Bee Tee dubz... Awesome well dressed black men vogueing in the display of opening ceremony=LIFE.
YUM. Made me feel like a puny freshman. Oh wait.
Speaking of which, don't be  freshman. Be super smart or something and just skip it. Seniors hate you and dont get you and you wander around an ungly building in awesome outfits hopelessly lost. Not worth it. And dreading freshman friday tomorrow (wearing smething to really creep out the seniors. what.)... and holy shit why are there 800 kids in my grade? Graduation must take like 5 friggen hours. WHAT IS THIS NON SANITY????

Vogue was hosting this really cool thing at topshop with all of these SPECIAL and SHINY clothes. my favorite of all time favorites was this GIANT geometric jacket that I love love loved and would seriously consider hurting someone for it. no joke. And I would buy all $340 of it just to freak out the kids at high school. BE AFRAID my friends. I WANT IT SOOOOOO BADDDDDDDD. 
Size 10 for dramatic affect.
Also- to all you seniors out there- go easy on those freshman. You were also once them too! Much much love (and even more if that jacket came with it),



chi said...

SOOO LUCKY THAT YOU COULD GO TO FASHIONS NIGHT OUT! i really really wanna go there..wish i live in NY :"(

Jowy said...

U are freakin funny!! love this post!
btw that jacket..AWESOME!

One Love,

Zany Style said...

whoa. is that jacket alive? it looks like it swollowed u.... but in a good way. i loved things that are blown out of porportion. big stuff that just hangs on you.... or falls off...


Zany Style said...

when i said "loved" i mean LOVE!

sorry for the miss spelling ;)


Ruby said...

i'm still working on it... but YAY!

Tomorrow said...

love the coat so cute. what style you have darling.
Tomorrow x

E said...

That coat is SWEET! I'm so jealous you live within a reasonable distance of Opening Ceremony. Actually, that might be dangerous for me. Last time I was there, I kind of went nuts.

Casey said...

800 students? I had around 1,000 students in my freshman class, if that makes you feel any better. ha, of course, by senior year only around 500 graduated.

That's the Los Angeles school district for ya!

Usedandabusedvintage said...

That coat is so snuggly! It makes me want to curl up in a ball and have a little nap! You look fab in it! Cx

Usedandabusedvintage said...

Hello again! I didn't realise that coat was from Topshop but today I tried it on (before I found out it was £160). It is soooo lush, I am joining you in the coat coverting right now. Corinne x