Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My homework ate me....

ugh ugh ugh have I been a terrible blogger my friends. School has just eaten up all my time like the selfish bitch it can be. So blogging is limited. I was going to show a pic of my planner to prove it. But then I got lazy. And hungry. Jesus am I sleep deprived. Outfit making has been kind of half hazardous. So goodbye. 
Necklaces: Italy, Thrift

Boots: Flea Market
Tux Jacket: Italy
Leggings: Topshop
Shirt: Beacons Closet
Also can't wait for the What I wore Sale on sat! Anyone going??


Grace said...

You my dear are fearless! Thanks for the birthday well wishes!

Love Grace.

Casey said...

I swear, every blog I've been reading mentions the giant monster than is school work. I think school districts and universities around the US have some sort of anti-blogger conspiracy going on. The more work they give us, the less we blog. I for one am not going to let this happen.
Oh my god, I'm so tired I'm writing ridiculous things.

Anyways! Your outfit is amazing, like always. Love the tights.

Juice said...

Love the leggings !!!!

xxxxxxx Cami


Jowy said...

Loving those necklaces!!

One Love,

Rebecca said...

I would totally believe your homework ate you if you hadn't just commented on my blog. :) Sneaky sneaker!

I like your hair!

Anonymous said...


ipopheart said...

um. If you really don't like something I am ok with that, but really? Is that necessary?

Anonymous said...

hey, anonymous person....

darlingchatter123 said...

awesome blog!! love the outfits.

Usedandabusedvintage said...

Love your outfit here! The necklaces are amazing too x

Zany Style said...

wait when u said goodbye, did u mean GOODBYE for good?!?!? plz let it not be true!


ipopheart said...

oh heavens no!!
its just going to be limited!

Diane said...

Oh, those leggings are so crazy and colorful, I just love 'em! Strive for those good grades, girly!

Panda said...

Hey :)

Its a bit late, but thanks so so much for your lovely comment, i really appreciate it. Oh, and those leggings are GORGEOUS. Totally jealous. hehe.

Panda xx

Cute pics!