Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Guess what everyone- Im 14! Ew. Don't turn 14, its such a bad number. Really. My birth day was yesterday and It was so mucho fun- my 2 friends came over with plenty of swing riding and sailing. And then my parents took me out to and AMAZING dinner at north fork table where I had an incredible swordfish dinner. So now that I am an obnoxious 14 year old more lying is necessary- why I utterly lied about switching blogs. I guess eventually I will. But my lazy 14 year old self is just sort of attached to this. But this is the last post. I promise. Maybe. I hope. I just sort of felt like New school, New year, New blog all kind of mesh. 
But if ANYONE is interested (hint hint) saving up for these. Or any pair of doc martens. But Kindof failing at the whole thing. And its somewhat IMPOSSIBLE to get them on ebay. hmmmm... Well uh size 7/8 if anyones interested. or anything.  woot to Dr. Martens.
My outfit I wore today is once again inspired from a Fashion156 I absolutely love there entire website and they have the best photoshoots! Woot to them. I just loved the earthy florals that I thought really went with outfit below.
I absolutely love love love my new romper and it's just super versatile and comfy (both a plus!).
Bow, Shoes: H&M, Romper: american apparel, Cardigan: Friends, Pearls: Vintage, Leotard: Handmedown
P.S. Delilah if you are reading this your cardigan will be returned shortly! I hope.


Kylie said...

WOootwoot, happy b-dayz! Don't be bummed about turning 14, it's so much fun! Not just saying this, it's 100% true, 14 was my favourite age. I don't know why, I just have a lot of good memories of that time. Srsly, savouuuuur it!!!

Gotta love comfy rompers

ps- Swordfish? I thought you were a veggie? Unless your one of those veggies who still eat fish. Personaly I hate the stuff, never have liked it


Karen said...

Happy birthday! 14 was okay.... 15 is better IMO. But anyway, good luck in high school, don't let the upperclassmen scare you ;D

futurelint said...

Hey Happy Birthday! I still can't believe how young you are... who knows what I was wearing at 14 (Actually, I do and it was a cape. And it was the reason why my school principal stopped letting me babysit his children - oops?) Anyway, hope you have a great year!

Zany Style said...

Omigod! Cute outfit and the doc martins.... I just got a pair! you know that right???? anyway happy belated bday and............ don't leave! I will miss you blogging posts..... just wait a while of school and come back....... STAY! ( i scream and hold your legs)


Mac said...

this romper is beast
and happy birthday!

lauh-ren said...

just wait until you turn twenty! i did in february and spent the entire day hiding in the bathroom from my boyfriend at the time and crying. it was pretty depressing.

anyway, happy birthday!

kaila rain said...

happy belated bday!
i also love that romper. actually, most romper is general... :D

about your friends cardigan - that's me. my friends take my clothes and vice versa, but it's harder for me because i'm the tallest one.. :S