Wednesday, October 7, 2009


UGH YES I KNOW- another one of those halfhazardous posts that just have friggen pictures of me infront of a camera with no moral reason behind it along with a quick little message explaining that Im drowning in homework and willl get to posting asap. My friends, these posts are taking over my blog.  So ANYWAYS, what is soooooo not cool right now is the fact that if you lived in a hole and read my blog, YOU WOULD HAVE TO DARN IDEA THAT IT WAS FASHION WEEK!!!!! I don't have a single recap. What is this??? 
Ugh so anyways..... pictures are of me and my friend being really cool and breaking into construction sites. I tested out some black lipstick and kinda dig it. Enjoy. 
And be prepared for an annoyingly long fashion WEEKS recap.

Pictures taken by the one and only leila (featured in pictures 2 and 3)


Camilla said...

Nice jumper...thing :) xxxxxxx Cami

Zany Style said...

wow the black lipstick is great on you and what/where is that place? love the coat thing in the last picture.


lauh-ren said...

i love the black lipstick! super hot.

emily said...

ooh, that last picture is so mysterious-looking! and i also think my blog is feeling neglected. stupid school!

Amelie said...

I can havz boots? Liela you are quite lucky.
they look like my old ones that i wore to pieces.

if only i lived near clothing. if only.