Saturday, October 31, 2009


For those of you that don't know, it is actually my weekend ritual to watch Pretty in Pink.
every single weekend. fo real.
One weekend... i actually watched it 5 times- me creepy? nahhhh.
But as I was watching it I just noticed something--
Do you not see that 80s I-D magazine?!?!!?!!
Thats crazy
I want it
Alright back to watching


Kylie said...

LOL are you for real? EVERY weekend? Even my most beloved movies I haven't seen more than about 5 times each. Look! I-d was even cool back then! If not more so


Emlyn said...
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Emlyn said...

Pretty in Pink is pretty much my favourite Molly Ringwald movie. I love Duckie. I also love noticing awesome little details like the I-D mag.
I also don't know how you can be 14... I wasn't as cool as you were when I was that age.

Zany Style said...

i've never watched it. I gotta check it out now. Happy Halloween! (a day late...sorry...)


Erin said...

No way! That is awesome. Good eye. Or wait... good i-D... cause like "i" sounds like "eye," as in "good eye"... as in "well spotted".... um.. i'm sorry...

Casey said...

ahahha yesss! You are so amazing for noticing that!!

And I used to be so in love with Pretty in Pink!

futurelint said...

Nice! Best part of Pretty in Pink

#1 Annie Potts
#2 When Duckie sings Try a Little Tenderness

sophie clare said...

mahaha i love it when people fess up about watching movies so many times. i watched bridget jones' diary 8 times one sunday. i know all the words now. :)

Magic said...

Life = complete
never noticed that before but now I will be having it paused on that scene for the next 20 years. My current favorite movie is chicago and I know what you mean about the watching it constently thing every Sunday night is Chicago


Panda said...

Aw! I LOVE that movie! And guess what,
underneath I-D, is BLITZ magazine. My mum and dad made BLITZ, so its awesome to see it in the film! I never noticed it before. awwww.

Panda xx