Friday, December 4, 2009

Posting is starting to get better
I'm getting those inspiration vibes that I was lacking in like for the past... month?
two months? Not an okay amount of time?
Well heres just from a couple weeks ago- right before cold ugly gross new york winter weather hit.
Soooo stay posted because I'm going to be hosting a giveaway awfully soon!!!

Just around brooklyn...
Me and my friend felt like dirty hipsters and decided to go down to the flea market and look for fake glasses and oversized sweaters (not that I uh got any right)...

I mean at first, we were awfully disappointed because we couldn't find it so we settled with just taking pictures and role around in leaves that were full of dirt and worms and other stuff fourteen year olds shouldn't be rolling around in.

But we did find it eventually! Icame out with some really great vintage shoes, which I should get around to posting... and like I said, I never haggled with an old lady for a large oversized sweater. with orange and blue diamonds on it.

maybe if you like took away one or two zeros from it, I'd be willing.
yoo... it has hannah montana stickers on it.


rileeeeey said...

youre really beautiful! i love the photos

and yes, wouldnt we all love a hannah monatanaed scooter. (answer is YES)


Shopper said...

I love your photos. You're so pretty! However, Hannah Montana stickers rocks.

Camilla said...

awesomest scooter EVER. In the history of scooters.
P.s I gave you an award a couple posts back :) xxx

Tumor said...

The role that you fell into seems to be envied by many. ME FOR INSTNACE

emily said...

you hair is too gorgeous. I WANT IT. p.s. best. scooter. ever.

le_gamine said...

great photos! Scooter is super freaking awesome, but I do love a good crunchy crunchy leaf!!

Hope you had a great weekend

Check out my blog if you have a chance!!

Sophie said...

i love your shorts and you hate new york winter? try and live in england when it rains 99.9% of the time and if you wear shorts past the month of august you will actually turn into a human popsicle! england is cold.
sophie xoxo

Zany Style said...

Look at you in the leaves!!! Cute red booties. btw what is your hair color? Is it blonde/red/orange////// is there a name for that color? There should be. And that scooter.... what a pimped out ride.


Melissa Z. said...

nice blog!

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SophieGrace said...

Glad I came across your blog its awesome!

All i can say is Wow to the scooter. Specially love the sticker with a shoe on.

Merry Christmas

poppy:) said...

this seems cool maybe'll follow you

lauh-ren said...

i love the outfit with the purple sweater! like, love!

In-tree-gue said...

what great pictures!

vickileestyle said...

that motorbike is pretty darn cool!

Rose said...

love the photos with the leaves... gorgeous