Thursday, July 30, 2009

This blog has officially been vlogified

First vlog! Somewhat of a fail... but enjoy! P.S. Finally joined flickr... Click here to add me as a contact. 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Goodbye red balloon...

After the weardrobe meet up in central park (so much fun- thanks a ton jessica!), I, um, "borrowed", one of their balloons. I got really annoyed looks on the train because it was so inconveniently tied onto my wrist. But after I finally got home- it was kind of like- woah, red balloon, camera, roof? So enjoy.....
btw- got the internship! Im so so so happy and i start- tomorrow!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Major Tom

WOOHHOOOO. 103rd post!!!! see- normal bloggers celebrate their 100th post. But me? normal? Tell that to the barbies hanging from my stairs. So in honor of the 103rd post I decided to show you guyz something supa special! Well in the beginning of july my gorgeous wife rubes came to visit before she left for france!!! Well- we had the best most non normal time possible...enjoy.
This is one of the most typical looks we got from people as we hung our pet unicorn, irman, out of my window and tried attacking people with him. It doesn't get any better than this.
We also went to the doughnut plant and enjoyed some awesome creme-brulee and blueberry doughnuts and even irm had some.
We got lost on the way back when walking irm. Than we thought this creepy fat guy was following us. What i dont get is why im telling you all this...
I forgot to mention how we had a boomtastic time shopping at topshop and taking our uh, "high FASHUNNN" photo shoot on my roof??? cute. like I mentioned earlier your not exactly looking at the blog of a normal child.
Its not what you think. really. i promise.

Ruby: Top: h&m, skirt: topshop, Tights: store in kentucky
Martina: Tulle: Fabric closet, Shorts: Target, Top: h&m, Tutu: gift, tights: topshop
And to top it all off: we went trapeeing!!!!!!!!! I mean- trapeezing. It was like SHIZZLEBOMBWOAH super fun x the number of shoes paris hilton owns.

So basically this is my life in a nutshell. Freak people out, walk unicorns, take pathetic photoshoots. I totally just killed my self esteem. Time for me to go feel sorry for myself. so happy 103rd post people!!!!! who thought I would make it this far????

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ground Control

Sorry I have been so negligent but my computer is like 0. We are still trying to get it open and last night I had a dream that we finally got it open and there was nothing inside. cute. Well pictured above is part of the AMAZING line of a brand I personally have never heard of (sorry if this is some insanely famous brand that everyone knows about)- Wunderkind. Not only did they use tophats but they had so many great patterns and everything sort of transended together beautifully. The designer- Wolgang Joop, Is reletively young in the industry and I can utterly see him doing well! P.s.- so excited for my internship interview on monday!!!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

So uh- woah, hi there. guess i missed tht 100th post and what not. I heard bloggers normally made a big del about that kind of thing. I completly and utterly WOULD but my sister put thecomputer to sleep before we left for the weekend (saving energy anyone???) and uh, it never woke up. sad face. So sailing was a blast but I am completly sunburned up to my shorts line. Beside learning about the jibs and the haliard and stuff I also have learned it is totally possile to sail in tutus. Have I bored you enough yet? Well this is somewhat my moms work computr so unfuortunatly I must hold off on pics and whatnot. and this pc is being poop so i cant even download awesome pics from the web/ WHY?!?!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Give the past a slip.

Dude-- its couture week!!!eqwljnfaplwrguihae. Its the very beginning so hardly and shows are in but here just a few that I felt like critiquing with my non-worthy fashion eye. So far I am really excited!!!!!!! There have been a lot a lot ofgreat pieces so far and here are just a few!

I like chanel and whatnot and all of their pieces are GORGEOUS but it felt like every single piece was a skirt suit. It went something like: Skirt suit, skirt suit, skirt suit, dress, skirt suit, etc... But if you go HERE and see the entire collection the final pieces are stunning. But above is my favorite by far of all the many skirt suits. 

Dior, Dior, Dior...  
Still on the fence of love and hate. Thoughts? I feel like the missing pants or top thing is so overused but then again, Dior did it beautifully. But I just had to put this pic up because, um, well... I guess I shouldn't bring up my unhealthy obsession of oversized bows so- enjoy.

Sad face time ten!!!! This better not be the last show he does. 
His line was amazing. His best in a while. I absolutely loved this piece. Giant geometric hats= 2 kool 4 skool, supa exuberant colors, and an amazing cape I would utterly and totally kill for. Not joking bee tee dubz. 

I really really do love this collection. 
Looking beyond some of the baggy prairie skirts the collection was super put together and very feminine in such a flattering way. Like I said above I can not control my awkwardweirdnessobsseso self with bows. so here you go my creatures.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Crack that whip.

Just some tiny glimmers of satisfaction for while I am at sailing camp. Because unfortunately when sailing its rather inconvenient to attach records to your head or wear tutus so I must compromise to v-necks, baggy button ups, and shorts.
First pic via photo decadent. It just makes me tingle every time I look at it. And I am infact on the lookout for a sturdy pair of Vintage sunglasses like so. The other pics are me... being cool? They were actually from last week when I could dress as I pleased.
I guess until next time!

Top: DIY graduation dress, Skirt: Childhood dress up, Tights: DIY, Shoes: Jeffery Campbelle

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We must repeat- ok go!

Sorry- posting will come back tomorrow. Probably not. So in the mean time... here is my weekend in one picture, not including the lyrics to grease.
Lots to post!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Apes in the plan were all here to do it

Sorry for such infrequent postings. er. 
I would say I was really busy but im kind not really doing anything. Maybe the usual ANTM marathon or making checklists of all the plans that Im probably not going to do over the summer. 
But in just a short 15 minutes my wife from way down in kentucky is coming with her friend and we are all going to happily shop at topshop!!!!! And then we are going to trapeze school!!!!!!
AAHHJJrtyernitupoHyjnyZDjf excitement vibes!!!!!!

These pics are actually old pics from field day last week.
Team white.
I actually had an awesomely exuberant sailors cap but uh, once again I cant think of a good  excuse. So, enjoy the rest of the outfit? Oh- and I didn't actually wear those heels to field day they were kind of last minute edition. But I am completely and utterly once legged hop champion.