Friday, August 28, 2009

The bling be back

Finally sat my procrastinating butt down to repair this baby- utterly worth it. Like really, this necklace just pushes outfits to a new level of exuberance. BE JELOUS. The people in the bronx are going to be so confused when I go to school next year. hehe.  
Also- can not stop wearing this skirt- It just goes with EVERYTHING. 
Bling: DIY, Tanktop: Beacons closet, Skirt: Topshop, Glasses: Ricky's
I almost forgot to show you all my new tux. Jacket I found in the boys section of benetton (taking mensware as womensware to a whole new level you see...). Its just kind of too hot for it right now. But it'll be great fer fall.
Tux jacket: United colors of benetton, Pants: H&M, Shirt: Thrift, Bling: DIY 
Heels: Thrift
Hat: Marc Jacobs

Photo I entered for weardrobes contest- back to school outfit! Winner gets $200 gift certificate to fred flare. Huzzah! Also- birthday in ten days. 14. WOW. Next thing I know Im going to wake up living in florida with three cats and a 40 year old son who lives with me. But if anyone is interested... Im size 7 or 37. 
Till sooner,
Now all I need is this hat and the life= complete.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beacons closet, Bagels, Bargains!

Went thrifting/Bagel eating with Jessica Just this morning... We were origionally going to go to this sit down sushi place but it was kind of stuffy and smelled like school locker room (at least to me) So while the waitress was getting water we sort of made a run for it... oops. Anyways, I was on the lookout for clothes for high school!  I was pretty Successful but only found two Items. Technically one. Jessica found an AMAZING DvF sweater with a gorgeous print for me!  For $18 (with store credit-6!)- and I found this really cool brown ruffle shirt which will be perfect for highwaisted-ness.
Skirt (dress): Topshop, Shoes: topshop, Shirt: AA, Bolero: Vintage, Hairpin: Thrift
Photo Credit: Jessica Schroeder

Happy Wednesday...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting down...

I have been absolutely TERRIBLE about my diy-ing this entire summer! SHUN SHUN SHUN. evil vibes. especially you lily  with all yer little projects and whatnot getting you into state finals (maybe could've been my motivation?) But I have been a fat cow watching top childhood mugshots on E. So as a summer resolution I shall put all my determination and effort into THIS: See you on my back in sept!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back :(
Im actually super jetlagged right now and currently posting at four in the morning....
I really don't have an excuse for my long and unnecessary absence- well not a good one. I came down with a bad case of SARS?? Got kidnapped in italy?? Laziness? mmm.... So here I am posting something insanely incredible that should of been posted ages ago (in italy preferably)- lets here a huzzah to procrastination! Anyhoo...
It took me very recently to realize that my grand muther must have some incredible vintage designer clothes from back in her day (she is that kind of gal). When I asked my muther if she had anything she said she had TONS of stuff- a whole TRUNK of vintage designer clothes. That rotted and was thrown out. what the what??? NOT COOL. But she still had a lot of Items left that Im pretty excited about: This gorgeous bright blue skirt that has a ton of cape/drapieness/dress in its future, This amazing vintage brown leather travelers bag, a white yves saint laurent skirt suit (in italy. May take some convincing still), This gorgeous Red ungaro bag (coming via mail- curse my awful packing skills), and my favorite- This GORGEOUS vintage leather prada bag. Lets here another huzzah for vintage prada!! Im now done rambling and Ill just SHOW:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Go straight to hell, boys.

Italy has just been the BOOM. I mean, besides My grandmother being on my back the whole time going all "MANGIA MANGIA" on me and saying Im too pale and short and skinny and a bunch of other stuff that makes me feel really good about myself... 
I feel like such a hypocrite for going all tourist on you after mocking them on halloween, or such. oops. But I was too tempted not waste the picture.

Afterwards we went to visit my moms friend who took me shopping amongst the fleamarkets of Italy! During this time we ran into an INCREDIBLE thrift store that had exuberant 80s EVERYTHING. Im so glad I didnt bring my life savings because I would've sacrificed college fer this store. I had a limit to 25 euros so all I could buy was this tiny jacket but it's still is pretty magical in its special shiny pruple way. 
But what really kicked me in the butt for not having money was this whole pipe which carried hanging vintage sequined jackets. They were just like the topshop ones that I long except half the price, legitimate vintage, and like SUPERNOM times cooler (although I still would never pass down one of those topshop jackets. Birthday in less than a month...hmmmm???)
They also had really unique pieces like this awesome silver/green/gold bow headband. Or below- the supa sequined corset? WOOT.
But the coolest thing of the entire store? The salesperson whom her name never learned. :( she was sooooo nice and awesome and supa cool and like the utter shizzzlebomb of mother booms. Plus she gave me a dicount on my jacket :) She probably thought I was some freak for wanting to take a pic with her but I got her approval of posting it on ze interweb.
* Note allthe sequins behind us my friend. BE BLINDED.
I didnt realize how much of a priss I looked like. Pretend I am making this face.

Leaving next sunday. :(
If any one needs ANYTHING please feel free to let me know!
awesome italian magazines, awesome italian kinder food stuff, a flag, uh, or you know, the usual prada shoes. Or if you want just a simple post card- let me know! I like sending postcards :) Have a happy sunday,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer sighs...

I am in desperate need of michael cloths. NOW.
I have sole appreciation to those who own the sequin socks.
Plus- more italy photos to come... Bunches of stuff to post!!!
Plus- just made a tumblr, kind of a fail- But here it is!
Photo Credit- er, my dad.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty your listening to the boy from the big bad city.

Hey there... sorry about that promised non 
I've been busy going to the beach and eating italian food. SO STRESSFUL. oops. I gloated.
Anyways. Im here for important reasons. The other day  was skimming through some of my grandmums vintage magazines and found this AMAZING intalian home ec/60 mom magazine: Rakam. There covors are STUNNING and photoshoots perfect. I tried taking pics from some of my favorites! Enjoy!

Another important thing: Daily work it, whom I met at a weardrobe meet up was super cool enough to bestow upon me creative blogger award! woot. The deal is you say seven facts about you, and then nominate another seven people! Here goes...

1. Born in raised in Manhattan. All my life. Still don't know whether this is good or bad.
2. I am vegetarian, but also can't stand  creamy things such as yogurt, or cheeses like bri or feta.
3. I am obsessed with 80s music. obsessed. My ipod goes from echo & the bunnymen, to the clash, to david bowie, queen, david bowie and queen, run DMC, the list could go on.
4. On 80's music, the weirdest dream I have EVER had was where It seemed I was sitting in a doctors waiting room when a nurse walks out and says my vocal instructor is "ready to see me" (i cant sing for my life). While walking into the room one of the guys from KISS was on his way out. Turns out my instructor was freddy mercury, of queen.
5. When I get older, I hope to make advertisements for a living.
6. I secretly haven't gone thrifting in too long. 2 almost 3 months?
7. If you couldn't tell from pictures, I'm short. Still haven't broken 5 feet- but close!

The seven people to awards? volia:
1. Lily of kindrid Spirit
7. Pamela of Market Publique

You guys are all supa cool and whatnot. Cant wait to find out about your seven facts!
Sorry mine were kind of pointless and disorienting- suffering from lack of sleep.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I left my wallet in El segundo

Guess what children- the terminator is in italy!! I seemed to have failed to mention I go every summer and may speak fluently but- uh, better now than never? I don't know how frequent posts will be; being that I will probably be on the beach and pretending to be a tourist. But we do get a break from all of those roof pictures (finally)... 
But here's the last one: A while back I had posted my "dream high school wardrobe". Consisting of Docs, hoop skirts, crinolines, etc... One of them was anything from Yokoo- whom you have probably heard of from either style bubble or Style rookie. I finally saved up enough money and voila! Thats all for now folks...
I will probably be around to posting asap but my jet lagged self is not to happy at the moment.
Shirt: Thrift, Skirt: topshop, Necklace: Yokoo
Her version of the necklace. I still don't understand how she can manage being so darn cool in front of a camera.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I guess this is what bankrupt designers do... sigh.

What is this? Is it a Christian Lacroix for Evian water bottle I see? I couldn't resist.... lacroix at your local supermarket for four dollars. It would be nice if I could wear it, but I can't exactly see a good outcome.