Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I had that kind of feeling again... the feeling of needing to do something drastic!
(no not really the appointment has been set up for a while lawlz)
But yes, I missed my blonde hair from the beginning of the year and my mom let me get it done at a real place this time! yeayeayeaaa
Here's just a little taste of what went down that day at the hair salon
and I think i'm going to pursue my plan of mannnnnnyy years ago to dye my hair EVERY color of the rainbow (I was inspired by a woman on the train with BEAUTIFUL salmon pink hair)!
So far I've had:
-Yellow (blonde Iguess?)
-Brown (blehh)
So I have to get crackin on my list.....

Enjoy the pictures!

Dress: Handmedown/thrift

ALSO. my latest obsession that has brought my whole grade average down like two letter grades.... uhm....



Zany Style said...

hahaha unicorn meat! I adore the blonde hair. Its divine doll....ya i've always wanted to say that. :) You are looking gourgousssssssssss! :D


Kylie said...

Whoa whoa WHOA GURL, this hair is sooooooooo working for you! You look so 60's its not even funny, I love it so much! Does this mean you're back to reg posting??


japke said...

that blonde hair looks so good on you! so perfect with the whole 60 vibe on your photo's!
but i must say that that unicorn meat looks pretty disgusting..

Camilla said...

you look so amazing Blonde.
I would go as far as to say you almost very nearly look as good as me.
but let's not push it.
but only because I'm a natural blonde.
you get to be blonde without the added consequences.

love love love.


poppy :) said...

vair. cool plus i love your tatoo is it real?

Emma Rose said...

I saw this on Lost At E Minor and nearly died!