Monday, May 17, 2010

I heartz the conez !

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend- because here in new york the weather was fantastic!
i'm just getting oh so excited for summer and can't wait to finally be FREE form school-
It's been quite a large chunk of my day that I've been finding very unnecessary recently....
Well anyways I took a day out of my studying to go to cony island in this AMAZING weather
(I hope most of you in NYC did- I know knitting and watching antm and pretending to study is fun, but  this is the type of weather people shouldn't pass up)
I wasn't really going anywhere with the outfit.... so ignore that...
but I did bring my tiger mask with me!
I also won a purple... tube? thing?
OH BTW- that tattoo is NOT real. Like 20 people asked me on the train this morning! Cause you know, I would love to permanently ink a rainbow butterfly on my neck (okay secretly I may dream about i but I dont think i'd be as excited about it in 50 years hehe....) but I didnt think it looked THAT real

Channeling my inner lady gaga

hey look- I'm strong!


Lawl catz?


Lady Moriarty said...


The last picture of you is sooo great !!

I love your Gaga style !!

See U !!

Camilla said...

The last picture made me alugh out loud.
Wonderful pictures too.

poppy :) said...

yay for fake tatoos i have two spiderman ones left neglected in my pencilcase unfortuanatley not as cool as yours xx

courtney and brigitte said...

Wow I saw someone in a tiger mask as well at mr newton (the streetstyle blog) really cute


Liily said...

Your hairs amazingg, and the last picture is so magical :)


Kate Rose said...

hmm, I'm sort of missing your old precocious random clashy-kooky-hodge-podge style, but it's been really interesting seeing your style evolve :)

Kate Rose said...

kekeke yes I admit too to having (many) lazy days...and btw love the kitschy pseudo-religious feel of the fourth photo hehe or maybe that's just my own over-interpretation!

Rebecca said...

Whoa, I love your blonde hair! Looks awesome.

Vintage Girl. said...

love the photos- you have such a pretty face :)